How not to make the next useless app. A brief guide to Customer Development

What is Customer Development?

Why do we need it?

How to do Customer Development

  • reach — can you find them;
  • volume — a subjective assessment of the number of users in the segment;
  • satisfaction — how much your decision will help them.

“If at the beginning you don’t understand how to find your potential users — think about how you will do it later, when the product will be ready.”

  • Are you ready to pay regularly if we offer you a service for booking restaurant tables?
  • Would you use the function of an additional order of food?
  • How do you usually book a table in a restaurant? Have you been looking for booking services?
  • When was the last time you booked a table? Remember your emotions, what was happening, were you satisfied?
  • Don’t pay people for interviews.
  • Don’t react to awkward pauses in the conversation — let the interviewer fill them.
  • Record the discussion on the recorder, to have everything recorded and not “invent” anything extra later.
  • Organize interview at that place, where a person uses your product: in his office, house, stadium, etc. Sometimes the environment can tell you more than a user.
  • Personal interviews are not suitable for all users. A lot of people are much more comfortable to chat.
  • Be ready that in research interviews, people tend to deceive and exaggerate.

How to work with results



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